Force Domain Controller to synchronize with all other Domain Controllers

Force Domain Controller Replication

The following command will syncronize all domain controllers in an enterprise from a single domain controller.  From your domain controller that you’d like to replicate from, run: Here’s a little more context on what this is doing: A Synchronizes all naming contexts that are held on the home server. d Identifies servers by distinguished name in messages. e Synchronizes domain controllers across all sites in the enterprise. By default, this command does not synchronize domain controllers in other sites. P Pushes changes outward from the specified domain controller. For more information on…

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A thought on professional growth. Failure.

Failure is an Opportunity

We all try to do our very best when we’re at work.  At least, you’d think we all are.  Anyway, often times people associate doing well at work by making no mistakes.  And while this is partly true, I also feel that there will inevitably be a mistake. We’re only human.  However mistakes are part of what helps us grow in our professional career! Some of the best advice I can give junior personnel, is don’t be afraid to mess something up. Research, prepare and test all you can to…

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Tales from a SysAdmin: Episode 1. The call center.

Tales from a Sysadmin Episode 1

I’m going to try testing out a little format where I tell a story from my Sysadmin history.  Hopefully these are fairly interesting as some will be dreadful, positive, funny or whatever.  Not going to waste a bunch of time with the introduction to this new format so let’s just get right down to it shall we? My very first “IT” job I started school in Phoenix, AZ at ITT Technical Institute, before all of the issues they started having.  I was probably a few months in and I was…

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Allow non-privileged Windows users to restart a service

Print Spooler Standard Users

In your domain environment, you likely have User Account Control (UAC) enabled for most administrative functions on your Windows machines.  Some of those tasks include the ability to start, stop, restart services.  Let’s say you have a shipping center where printers occasionally have an issue and the Print Spooler needs to be restarted.  Standard users are not going to be able to do this typically, their only option is to restart the computer.  That’s a little intense. Here’s a command you can use to allow All Authenticated Users (anyone who successfully…

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Purchase a Domain Name and host DNS with AWS Route53

Worldwide Network DNS Route53

If you’re out on the search for a domain name, you likely won’t have too difficult of a time finding one.  You can find domain registrars literally everywhere.  What does your final decision look to when deciding where to buy?  Usually this is price.  Long ago, I would purchase domains from GoDaddy, but not anymore.  Now I usually go to either one of two places: Google Domains AWS Route53 Namecheap Namecheap usually has better prices for the most part, but out of convenience or familiarity you can typically go with…

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WSUS Maintenance on Windows Server 2016 (and more)

Windows 10 Abstract

Painful, manual WSUS maintenance on Windows Server 2016 Standard Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is a phenomenal utility that comes baked into the Windows Server operating system.  However, as I have found out today, the built-in tools for keeping WSUS neat and tidy are lackluster at best. There are literally hundreds of items you’ll find on the internet for how to maintain cleanliness of WSUS, and a lot of depends on your environment.  Are you running a single WSUS server or do you have several downstream servers that are all…

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13 amazing facts about customer service in IT

13 Amazing Facts about IT

We’re all in misery together, my friend. I’m just going to get right to it and say that most of us absolutely hate calling IT or any kind of tech customer service in general.  Most of the time, we’re greeted by someone reading from a script that is painfully obvious.  Or we’re on the phone with someone who is just an absolute jerk.  Or maybe the person is very intelligent but they aren’t overly helpful either. Whatever the case, customer service in IT really isn’t any different than customer service…

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Happy 4th of July – This day in Astronomy

As we celebrate our nation’s independence with hot dogs, grills, brews, sunburns and fireworks, you can always take a little time to appreciate our nation that we live in.  Appreciate how we’re able to live our lives and what we’re able to achieve in this great county. This country is accomplished many feats throughout the decades, and I’m proud to have been around for a few of them.  Many of these accomplishments regarding our space exploration and understanding, one of my few favorite hobbies to research and read about. On…

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Apply custom printer settings for all users in Windows 10

Printer Custom Settings Windows 10

Printers are the bain of every IT administrator’s existence.  Every manufacturer is different, there are a million and a half methods for managing them, users install them in ways that not even you knew were possible, the list goes on. But let’s say that you have a computer that’s shared among many users throughout a shift across multiple shifts.  That very computer has several different printers installed via various methods.  One is installed by IP address, the other is installed via USB.  Whatever your scenario, you have different configurations to…

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Create a simple logoff batch file to keep on your desktop

For the lazy Sysadmin…  If clicking start, logoff is too much work and slowing you down, there’s an easier way! Open notepad, place the following snippet in the text editor and click Save As.  In the drop-down below the file name, select All File types and give your file a name (perhaps logoff?).  Be sure to place the .bat extension at the end of the file name to save it as a batch file. Now every time you double click this file, you’ll log off of the computer. A quick animation of the…

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