Allow non-privileged Windows users to restart a service

Print Spooler Standard Users

In your domain environment, you likely have User Account Control (UAC) enabled for most administrative functions on your Windows machines.  Some of those tasks include the ability to start, stop, restart services.  Let’s say you have a shipping center where printers occasionally have an issue and the Print Spooler needs to be restarted.  Standard users are not going to be able to do this typically, their only option is to restart the computer.  That’s a little intense.

Here’s a command you can use to allow All Authenticated Users (anyone who successfully authenticates and logs into the computer) the ability to restart the Print Spooler in this case.


Thanks to Kevin van Zonneveld and his post on this topic, certainly helped me out.  The versions of Windows described in the post are antiques at this point, but I’ve tested this on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 and this command still works quite nicely.

Your standard users can now restart the Print Spooler without buggin you 🙂

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