How to create a Google+ Page for Business 2018

Sharing your business’ content is a very important step you should take to get your content out there.  SEO is great, but yet that is still only one area to reach potential readers.  Creating multiple social brand profiles is a great way to reach an extended audience.  You should really be creating other brand accounts through other social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others.

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I’m going to take you through a quick walkthrough for creating your Business Brand page for Google+

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How to Create a Google Plus Page

First, you’ll want to head over to the creation page and start with your business’ name.


Next, you’re going to be putting in your business’ address and location information.  If you have a storefront, simply filling in the address information is fine.  If you do not have a storefront, you still need to put an address here. However, if you don’t want your address to be shown, you need to check the box for I deliver goods and services to my customers. And then check the box to Hide my address (it’s not a store).

Google Plus for Business Hide Address

When you click next, you’ll need to choose how you “deliver goods”.

Google Plus for Business Goods Delivery

This affects how the business’ shows up in search results whether in an area around the business location or around a specific geographic area.  In my case, since it’s just a blog, I’ll choose to Deliver in person within region, city or postcode.  My reason for this is that later, I’ll choose the entire US for my delivery area since my blog is focused on US readers.

Google Plus for Business Delivery Area

Next, choose what kind of business you run.  This too affects how you appear in search results so choose wisely here. Next you’ll need to put in your phone number and finally, Google will need to verify your business. Google will send you a postcard in the mail that will contain a verification code that you’ll input later into your Google+ Profile.  This adds a “verified” badge on your Google+ profile.

Now to customize your page

Once you’ve got all of the important information setup, now you’re ready to start adding photos, hours, further information and more.  This is all really up to you and how you want your brand to show up.  Customize away!


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