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Apply custom printer settings for all users in Windows 10

Printer Custom Settings Windows 10

Printers are the bain of every IT administrator’s existence.  Every manufacturer is different, there are a million and a half methods for managing them, users install them in ways that not even you knew were possible, the list goes on. But let’s say that you have a computer that’s shared among many users throughout a shift across multiple shifts.  That very computer has several different printers installed via various methods.  One is installed by IP address, the other is installed via USB.  Whatever your scenario, you have different configurations to serve your need.  Hell, you may even have the same…

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Create a simple logoff batch file to keep on your desktop

For the lazy Sysadmin…  If clicking start, logoff is too much work and slowing you down, there’s an easier way! Open notepad, place the following snippet in the text editor and click Save As.  In the drop-down below the file name, select All File types and give your file a name (perhaps logoff?).  Be sure to place the .bat extension at the end of the file name to save it as a batch file. Now every time you double click this file, you’ll log off of the computer. A quick animation of the task getting done for you: Here’s a higher quality video…

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Disable DEP Windows Server 2016

By default in Windows Server 2016, DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is enabled for security reasons.  However, this can lead to issues with certain applications and or services. You can disable DEP, but leave PAE (Physical Address Extension) enabled.  You can do so from either the GUI (Graphical User Interface) or from Powershell. From the GUI Right click on Start Menu > System. Open start, and type “System”. On the left, click Advanced system settings > Advanced tab > under the performance section, Settings… > Data Execution Prevention tab: Select the radio button for Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only. Click OK.  This will require a restart…

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How to create a Google+ Page for Business 2018

Sharing your business’ content is a very important step you should take to get your content out there.  SEO is great, but yet that is still only one area to reach potential readers.  Creating multiple social brand profiles is a great way to reach an extended audience.  You should really be creating other brand accounts through other social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. I’m going to take you through a quick walkthrough for creating your Business Brand page for Google+ WikimediaImages / Pixabay How to Create a Google Plus Page First, you’ll want to head over to…

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Robocopy Command Reference

What is Robocopy? A robust file copy command for the Windows command line that allows you to copy files, directories, and even drives from one location to another. Robocopy Syntax Full output of robocopy /? Robocopy Examples In this first example, any .jpg file would be copied from the folder directory into the folder2 directory. Whenever you want to copy one or more files and not a complete directory the file must be specified after the destination directory. In the above example, the robocopy command would copy all files (not directories) in the folder directory to the folder2 directory. In the above…

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How to install a WordPress plugin

Installing a WordPress Plugin

All of my tutorials regarding WordPress are in relation to WordPress.org, not WordPress.com.  These are very different in many ways.  I just wanted to make that clear in the beginning. Plugins can do a huge array of things for your site, these usually add extra functionality, security, convenience, appearance and a whole lot more.  Installing plugins if pretty simple and the management of them isn’t much more difficult either.   Installing plugins from the WordPress admin backend From your WordPress admin, navigate to Plugins > Add New. What’s initially shown to you is the featured plugins that WordPress recommends.  You’re not…

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Customizing the look and feel of WordPress (Beginner)

Customizing WordPress Look and Feel

All of my tutorials regarding WordPress are in relation to WordPress.org, not WordPress.com.  These are very different in many ways.  I just wanted to make that clear in the beginning. Are you ready to make your site reflect your brand and personal style?  Or are you looking to make your site reflect a certain subject or theme to attract your visitors? WordPress is a phenomenal platform for customizing for both the beginner and the expert. Since customizing WordPress is such an incredibly large topic, what we’re going to cover here is the basics using the built-in WordPress customizer from the…

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How to install a WordPress theme

Install a WordPress Theme

All of my tutorials regarding WordPress are in relation to WordPress.org, not WordPress.com.  These are very different in many ways.  I just wanted to make that clear in the beginning. There are a few different ways to get a theme installed into WordPress, and some of that depends on where you acquire your theme from.  I’ll explain these in the different methods below.   One of the first things to note here is, WordPress themes often affect how your site behaves, looks (obviously) and where various site components are and how they operate.  Keep this in mind when changing themes…

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How to start a self hosted WordPress blog for 2018

WordPress Blogging

There are a lot of very viable blogging platforms but by far one of the most popular and highest community driven platforms is WordPress. WordPress is a great blogging solution for both beginners and professionals alike. You can get as complicated or keep it as simple as you like. With thousands of plugins and themes at your disposal (and most of them free), you can have a very professional looking (and performing) site for very minimal cost. Note: In this article I’m referring to the open source WordPress.org project.  Nothing in this article refers to WordPress.com. So where do you…

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The Insider’s Guide to Cloudways WordPress Hosting

Cloudways Managed WordPress

Cloudways hosting review from personal experience When it comes to cloud hosting, there is always a route that I take that I much prefer over the others.  For me, it’s all about creating the best possible experience for my readers.  One way of accomplishing a great reading experience is having a website that performs well.  Who likes to wait for a page to load over 10 seconds? That’s annoying, especially when all you want to do is simply read the article.  And if the page takes forever to load because it’s not optimized, well, that’s aggravating.  What a lot of…

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