A thought on professional growth. Failure.

Failure is an Opportunity

We all try to do our very best when we’re at work.  At least, you’d think we all are.  Anyway, often times people associate doing well at work by making no mistakes.  And while this is partly true, I also feel that there will inevitably be a mistake. We’re only human.  However mistakes are part of what helps us grow in our professional career!

Some of the best advice I can give junior personnel, is don’t be afraid to mess something up. Research, prepare and test all you can to avoid a mistake of course.  I’m also not advocating for you to go out and purposefully mess something up, hoping for a magical moment to learn something.  Not going to happen.

Making mistakes is one of the best ways we had to learn as we were growing up!  And it’s no different in your professional career.  Here’s what I usually tell junior folks:

Don’t be afraid to do something hard.  Worst that can happen is you fail.  If you do fail, make that a learning opportunity and learn something new. Don’t dwell on it, that’s wasting energy.  Recognize, learn, adjust and move on.

That’s all I really had.  I see it all too often where people are afraid to do something because they’re afraid they’ll mess up.  And in most cases (not all), it’s OK to accept a risk that you might fail.  You’re growth and advancement in your professional career can only hasten when you accept failure as a learning opportunity.

Don’t be scared.  Jump in and do it.

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