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Happy 4th of July – This day in Astronomy

As we celebrate our nation’s independence with hot dogs, grills, brews, sunburns and fireworks, you can always take a little time to appreciate our nation that we live in.  Appreciate how we’re able to live our lives and what we’re able to achieve in this great county. This country is accomplished many feats throughout the decades, and I’m proud to have been around for a few of them.  Many of these accomplishments regarding our space exploration and understanding, one of my few favorite hobbies to research and read about. On this day, July 4th in the year 2016, we accomplished…

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Interstellar Comet Dust Holds Clues About the Solar System

Researchers are following a trail of interstellar dust the distance back to the formation of the solar system. What we presently know as the solar system started as a cloud of interstellar dust and gas. By considering “pre-solar” dust, which was preserved in cosmic items like comets previously they advanced toward Earth, researchers can peer back so as to the early solar system. Consistently, huge amounts of cosmic dust tumble from space onto Earth’s climate. NASA utilizes airship with uncommon “sticky” authorities covered with silicone oil to get dust at high elevations previously it has been excessively polluted by our…

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