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Make Use of the Data Security and Privacy of Your Company

Original article was written by McKenna Storer Nowadays, in this modern world, none of the business is very compact in order to get escape from the cybersecurity and the privacy concerns. Also in this computer generation, there are wide ranges of enormous opportunities are developed, even though one can able to find more opportunities, there are also increase of responsibilities and risks of your company which is facing the cybersecurity. In general, if you are running a company means, the data of all your clients, employees and customers must be stored. Apart from storing, it also must be protected from…

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Cloudflare’s – Privacy for your DNS Lookups with the Performance of the Cloudflare Network

Cloudflare Public DNS Header Launched on April 1st.  4/1 or four 1’s.  Pretty clever. On April 1st, 2018, Cloudflare launched it’s own public DNS (Domain Name System). With a very memorable and easy to remember IP address to add to your computer or router of, similar to Google’s and, this isn’t a public DNS system to be easily forgotten.  I’ve went ahead and set this up on my laptop to see if I can notice a difference from a human aspect (without doing any kind of technical evaluation).  So far, I haven’t noticed too much of a performance difference from Google’s, but we’re no…

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