The technology used behind

Technology behind this website

If you’re curious about what I use to host this website, it’s rather simple really.  I try to keep it straight forward for ease of management and upkeep, but without taking away from security and performance.

Domain Names

There are a few registrars I use such as Google Domains, AWS Route 53.  But there is one place I go to frequently when I need a quick, cheap domain.  Most of the time I don’t spend more than a dollar here which is phenomenal when you just need a quick domain.  Give Namecheap a try.  The name sounds a bit silly, but they’re legit and they have absolutely tons of TLD’s to choose from.


This website is hosted on a Vultr VPS server behind the scenes.  I have had very good experience with Vultr over the years and I don’t plan on moving away anytime soon.  Aside from the performance of their servers, the interface for their platform is very easy to navigate and use.  The service is simple, and the pricing is hard to beat.

Managed Hosting Platform

I used to provision my own servers way back when (and sometimes still do for fun projects), but now I use a platform called Cloudways to provision my web servers for me.  The best part? They have my favorite VPS provider, Vultr as an available host.

Cloudways provisions the server, allows me to set URL’s, provision SSL certificates, schedule backups, auto-configure SMTP and a whole lot more.  The price is negligible for the service you get in return.


If it wasn’t obvious, I use WordPress here.  And no, not, but

Affiliate Links

You’ll find a few links / products here and there on this site where I promote other products that I’ve personally used or have heard great feedback on.  I provide what’s called Affiliate Links that allow me to receive a commision on a sale if I referred a product.

Problem is, many times the links that you get from affiliate partners are ugly.  I chose to keep things tidy and clean.  I use a plugin called ThirstyAffiliates to make this happen.  You can paste in your affiliate link in this plugin, and you’ll get a nice, clean URL in return. Much better.

If you’re looking for a great Affiliate program to be a part of that’s got some decent returns and is fairly simple to get into, have a look at Shareasale.

NoFollow Tags

I don’t really like to pass link juice on unless I absolutely choose to.  It’s an SEO thing and a way to help fight spam.  Feel free to research this more on your own, but if you’d like to use a plugin that I do, use Title and nofollow for links.