About Me – Travis Wade

Travis WadeMy name is Travis, thank you for stopping by to read the content I share here.  My younger days consisted of me tinkering around in my Dad’s garage, taking apart various tools (to my father’s disappointment of course), just to figure out how they worked.  I’ve always been incredibly curious about how things worked.  I remember getting remote control cars for Christmas, only to take the motors and various components out, just to place them in my own personally built Lego version.

This curiosity spilled over into computers.  Taking apart my parent’s computer to install new CD drives, figuring out the master and slave pins through trial and error.  Sometimes screwing up pretty immensely but always involved enough that I would get it all back together.  This love of how things worked and its relation to computers and technology ended up landing me where I am today as an Information Systems Engineer.  Its great to be able to say that I love what I do as a profession.

Aside from the professional, I’m a novice astronomy hobbyist. My fascination with the Universe comes from my Grandfather who started teaching me about the stars from when I was very little.  Pointing out various things such as Sirius, the difference between stars and satellites, even some of the planets like Mars and Venus.  I have spent almost every night for the last few years researching and reading about the Universe and everything in it.  From our planet, to our solar system, the Milky Way, black holes, galaxy clusters, superclusters, cosmic microwave background radiation and the various theories for the beginning and end of the Universe.  All of it amazes me.

I am a very happy husband and father of two beautiful girls.